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Where online learning fails, game-based learning prevails

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about many challenges in modern society, with rising infection rates, subsequent lockdowns and isolation turning most activities into a remote affair with one of the biggest sectors, education, being impacted the most. Due to the pandemic, learning has shifted online with classes majorly being taught through video calls and PowerPoint..

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multiplayer team training setting new trends

Multiplayer Team Training – Setting New Trends of Combining the Power of Microlearning With Games

Multiplayer Team Training – Fun Learning is Serious Business – in an era where the goldfish has more attention span than humans, maybe games can unlock some unsuspected results. Article published by  Why Microlearning? Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, things are changing abruptly. The companies have to adopt the ‘work from home’ approach, while..

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Self – Motivation Failure – The Era of the Group Motivation

Motivation – One of the most important tools that allow people to achieve greatness and success. It allows people to pursue goals that might seem impossible to others, and still achieve them. And it’s not just important for achieving life-changing goals or impossible dreams, but it’s also crucial for every-day efficiency, mental stability, and inner..

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Познанието – универсалната валута

Познанието – универсалната валута

Отраснах в противоречиво време. Когато бях малка, дали да уча или не, не беше право на избор, а задължение. Отраснах в семейството на двама инженера, чиито амбиции навремето обвинявах, а сега съм им благодарна. Минах през слоганите на комунизма като „учи, мама, за да не рабориш“, през тези на прехода „защо да учиш, те висшистите..

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Knowledge as Currency

Knowledge: The Best Currency Today

  Today, a person’s worth is not determined by whether they have been born with a silver spoon in their mouth. What matters now is whether they are born in an information-rich culture or not. We have all heard the phrase “scientia potentia est,” translated from Latin as “knowledge is power” and hence, knowledge is..

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Gamification of training

Gamification: What It Is and How It Helps

  Humanity was forever changed when we learned to tame fire. Then again, when someone invented the wheel. Next game electricity, which transformed how we perceived energy and industry. Then the computer and internet changed the world, turning this massive planet into a global village, where people from all corners could communicate instantly and effectively…

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