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Multiplayer Team Training / Multiplayer Classroom is a platform by Pixelhunters – a company headquartered in Dubai, with over 13 years of experience in Content Creation, Technology Implementations, and Knowledge Applications Development. Pixelhunters team of experts ensures a single-source, centralized production capability guaranteeing quality control, tightly managed scheduling, cost-effectiveness, and speed of production.
Pixelhunters was created in 2009 by Dr. Ani Atanasova and Eng. Iliya Atanasov with focus on visual effects and game design. Understanding the breath-taking advances in digital technology the founders have expanded their production capability to take advantage of the new knowledge and information economies, winning multiple awards and servicing with pride a large group of respected corporate and governmental clients.

Why we decided to develop the Multiplayer Team Training Platform?

Address by the CEO.

In my life, I spent many years as a student – first 12 years in school, a master’s degree in engineering in university, then a Ph.D. in Quantum and Optoelectronics. I also went to the other side of being an educator, a scientist, and R&D.

Later, interesting circumstances pushed me to business, marketing, and helping businesses to use technologies for improving their marketing, training, and different business goals.

Being involved in such a variety of scenes helped me to identify the strength and weaknesses of the current learning processes and how to build efficiencies.

The reality

When we finish university we believe it’s the end of the studies…To realize that we start our real study when we join our first job. To progress in the career, to meet the fast demands of the constantly accelerating world, we are put in situations to constantly catch up with our knowledge.

We learn all our life. But the more we mature the more difficult it becomes to remember the information.

E-learning platform challenges

In the latest years, we witness an increased number of e-learning platforms and initiatives. There was a higher number of users at the beginning, and then with time, we see the same learners are less and less motivated to use them.
I am from those learners, with over 300 acquired certificates in different fields and at the beginning, I was much more excited than now. We plug a lot of information in our head, that we fast forget if we don’t practice it.

There is a lot of learning and not that much focus on effectively measuring the learned and practicing it in a more targeted, situational-based way.

Back to the real classrooms

We also see lately real classrooms becoming again more popular due to being more efficient than single studying experiences. It’s easier to motivate a group of people and use the spirit of the team rather than to motivate multiple individual users.

Virtual classrooms – the new necessity

The COVID 19 pandemic is changing quickly our life, habits, the way we work, we think, and act.
Virtual classrooms, virtual collaborative environments – they are no longer an option, they are a necessity!

What’s next? What trend do we see?

Our kids are born naturally tech-savvy and game-addicted.
We play video games a lot lately, the average age of the nowadays game player being 40+.
We feel bored easily and can’t focus for long periods.

Why this buzz around games? Why they are so successful? And how to use their power in our context?

The games are the only environments where we have a goal, rules and we follow these rules voluntarily!
Games help the release of dopamine in our brains. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for our memory, attention, focus, understanding of rewards, even our sleep.

Games – motivation and psychology

There is a lot of motivational psychology behind games. All these systems of points, badges, leaderboards, if used effectively and enough repetitively, they can even drive a behavior change.

Just adding points and badges into your product will not make a miracle. It’s important to understand deeply how all the game dynamics and mechanics work, follow the latest game behavior trends, knowing your student’s or clients’ behavior, and act as a psychologist.

What Dubai role was? The birth of an idea

Dubai learned us how to be always ahead of time, how to think outside of the box, how to be proactive, even if the situation may not be so favorable.

Working in this super-fast world, our experience in delivering innovation and creativity for almost 13 years pushed us to new horizons.

Deeply analyzing the challenges of lifelong learning and driving business success, gave us the idea of the Multiplayer Team Training / Multiplayer Classroom came.

We use the collaborative power of teams to empower learning and team building. Using the power of games to increase motivation, efficiency, and productivity of people at work or in class.

At the same time, we want the solution to be easily deployable. To reach many people, especially in times of pandemic, to connect teams all around the world to a common virtual environment and to provide them a fun factor while dealing with serious matters.

Fun Learning is Serious Business!

Dr. Ani Atanasova, CEO Pixelhunters

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