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Pixelhunters FZ-LLC
Dubai Media City, bldg.9, office 213
Tel: +971 4 360 6009

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We use virtual characters to deliver our messages.

We use animations in 2D & 3D to illustrate our ideas.

We use technology to empower content.


We are on the market internationally since 2009.


Till date we have delivered more than 1k projects globally.

The Oryx
Chief Content Officer
The Arabian oryx is known for its persistence to keep attacking. No matter if it was winning or losing in a battle against another, the oryx would remain fighting. The oryx thus is a symbol of dignity, pride, and power, and that is why it is a national animal of the UAE. Our Chief Content Officer develops powerful content and never stops fighting for new channels of creativity.
The Fox
Chief Excitement Officer
The desert fox is the most social of all foxes; hence it needs outlets for its energy. It will grow tired of a household pet long after the cat or dog is sick of it. It will most likely tire other household pets with its playfulness and high-strung personalities. Our Chief Excitement Officer is never tired to create new excitements for our games and business strategy. 
The Flamingo
Chief Innovations Officer
The flamingo spirit animal is beautiful in its stature and grace, able to stand on one foot effortlessly while keeping the other one tucked in to keep its body heat. Flamingo symbolism calls for being vibrant and outgoing, and well-balanced and resourceful in life. Our Chief Innovations Officer is always standing stable on the innovation ground while balancing to practicality and efficiency.
The Robot
Chief Technology Officer
The Robot is our Chief Technology Officer. He represents our ambitions to always use new technologies in our products and services. Our Robot is looking into the future and masters the world of AI, AR, and VR.

Our Approach

There is NO finish line for our innovation. We develop novel solutions, we test them, we measure results, we prove efficiency and we implement.

We are not afraid of being creative and different. We are happy to experiment and we always strive to be the leaders in our field.

We always deliver on time and on budget. We never promise unless we are sure to deliver.

IMPOSSIBLE is not a word in our dictionary.

Our Promises

100 % Proven Game Models
95 % Faster Learning
90% Higher Retention Of The Information
80 % Less Stress
100 % Team Building
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