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Multiplayer Team Training / Multiplayer classroom

Multiplayer Team Training / Multiplayer classroom is a customizable multi-lingual content platform for testing and training teams in Real & Virtual classrooms or event environments.

Innovative technology solutions can empower new ways of training professionals to enhance their capabilities and skills. Where traditional training methods may fail to inspire, Multiplayer Classroom Solutions are emerging as a revolutionary method to educate.

If your testing & training methods are becoming stale, or no longer landing key learnings – you are welcome to try our AR multiplayer classroom platform. We guarantee your content will soon recover its potency and bring you the desired results.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Who is the Multiplayer Team Training Platform for?

The Multiplayer Team Training / Multiplayer Classroom is designed for companies, training centers, schools, and training professionals who are looking for a Gamification Platform to diversify their assessment & training content.

2. What are the differences in the platform between the Real Classroom and Distance Learning?

The Real Classroom Module is dedicated to being used in a group where there is an instructor or a promoter who wants to lead the whole experience and learning. Some games are specifically designed for such use: AR Run and Card Heist Games, which are AR-enabled. The module can also run without an internet connection, becoming a practical solution for schools or crowded events environments. We can organize the whole event for you, providing equipment, an instructor, and a stand-building.

The Distance Learning Module is very flexible for use, where all the players are in different locations and using a variety of OS devices. It takes less than a minute to understand how to play. Games can be re-played many times, at users’ own time preferences. Most of the games are multiplayer, but some of them can also be played in single-mode.

3. Can I use the Multiplayer Team Training for a one-time event?

The Multiplayer Team Training module for Real Classroom is ideal for any event environment.

We can provide A-Z support for your event, including installation, device rental, onsite support, and promotion.

4. Can I use the Multiplayer Team Training for competitions between teams in different offices?

The Platform allows competition within a team for each gameplay. Also, we have a separate leaderboard for all players & all gameplays. A leaderboard between different teams within the same company can also be enabled upon request.

5. Can I become a reseller?

Every training professional or training center is encouraged to become one of our resellers. You can win from the sales of our existing content and programs, and also from your own content that you sell to your customers. The third channel of revenue is selling your content to our clients.

6. Is there a price difference if I buy direct or via a reseller?

There is no difference between direct sales from us or via any of our resellers. We encourage you to deal with our resellers if you are already working with them, or they are in your geographical area.

7. What is the main difference between all the plans?

The difference between the plans is mainly due to the levels of customization and the size of the companies. If none of the plans suits your needs, please contact us and we will find you a solution.

8. Can I order a custom new game model? What is included in new game model development?

You can have your own game designed and the pricing depends on its complexity. It will contain custom UI, game programming, multiplayer module, and 1 content.

9. If I provide content or I get a custom game model developed for me, am I eligible for gaining from the sales of it afterward?

If you have a new game developed for you and you would like to become a content partner, you can start winning from each sale of this game model, either from us or our resellers.

10. Can I change plans if I need to?

Yes, you are able to upgrade plans at any time. Add more games, more content, or new UIs for your training needs. If you have paid for the design of a new UI or a new game, you can keep using them with all the available plans.

11. Can I have different content within the same game?

Yes, the same game can contain multiple content with different topics. So, without changing the gameplay, organizations and schools can have a variety of content updates every week or month.

12. Can I have the same content in multiple games?

Yes, this is one of the biggest advantages of our platform. Different people have different gameplay preferences. We have a game for every player! Your material can be rolled out via a variety of games.

13. Who inputs the content into the platform?

We made the process simple for you. You just give us the quiz content, which can contain videos, text questions, images, and possible answer choices, and we (or our resellers) will input it all into the system.

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