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360 Walk and Talk Customizable App is a gamified guided 360 experience, that can be easily customized to integrate your 360 filmed or 3D virtual environment. An instructor, salesperson, teacher, or anyone appointed as a leader can navigate the virtual experience. Texts, Images, and Videos can be inserted as per your desire within the walk-through. Voice and chat communication are available for all users to discuss, ask, negotiate, or just enjoy the team-building or training exercise.

We can assist you in filming or making your environment in 3D.

It is available for the Distance Learning module only and in WebGL format only.

The 360 Walk and Talk Customizable App can be played as a multiuser or a single user experience.

Suitable for kids and adults.

The 360 Walk and Talk App is not dedicated to be played massively on the B2C market. It is designed as a virtual classroom tool for educators and learners. Users from the same group/class are playing, reinforcing team building, learning, or just a specific guided tour.

The 360 Walk and Talk Customizable App is great for:

  • guided 360 sales presentations
  • virtual exhibitions
  • team building

The 360 environment can be filmed or made in 3D. If you require any custom 3D environment for you, our division for content creation at Pixelhunters will do all for you.

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How does it work?

All our games are exclusively developed to be used for people within the same organization, event environment, school, or a group of users that know each other. The benefit of our platform is to receive individual content for your training needs, train & assess your team and give you a variety of performance reports.

Your HR or the team leader needs to obtain from us the license key for your organization and distribute it to the other team members.

The 360 Walk & Talk Customizable App is only available for WebGL and will always require a license key the first time you run it in order to load your content, sharable to your team only.

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