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carrom duel game
Details about the game

The Carrom Duel game is the well-known carrom play with a twist based on knowledge.

It is available for the Distance Learning module only.

The game can be played in pairs only.

Suitable for kids and adults.

The Carrom Duel game is not dedicated to be played massively on the B2C market. It is designed as a classroom tool for educators and learners. Users from the same group/class are playing, reinforcing team building, and boosting the competition spirit.

The players receive reports after each game. The educator can follow up team, individual, and progress reports through an access panel to the platform.

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Multiplayer Team Training – How does it work?

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All our games are exclusively developed to be used for people within the same organization, event environment, school, or a group of users that know each other. The benefit of our platform is to receive individual content for your training needs, train & assess your team and give you a variety of performance reports.

Your HR or the team leader needs to obtain from us the license key for your organization and distribute it to the other team members.

The games are available for different OS platforms, but they will always require a license key the first time you run them to activate.

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carrom duel logo MTT    



carrom duel logo MTT

carrom duel logo MTT

*Please use WebGL for desktop. Recommended browser: Mozilla Firefox


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