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Augmented Reality (AR) Multiplayer Team Training

Multiplayer Team Training is a customizable multi-lingual content platform for testing and training teams in a learning or event environment (RC). NEW: Now, we have also solutions for multiplayer distance learning (DL). 

Innovative technology solutions can empower new ways of training professionals to enhance their capabilities and skills. Where traditional training methods may fail to inspire, Multiplayer Team Training Solutions are emerging as a revolutionary method to educate. 
How Multiplayer Team Training Solutions Are Transforming Training & Testing Perspectives:
• Providing knowledge to employees on complex topics with increased efficiency
• Stimulating creative learning in a fun way while results are measured without the need for overt testing
• Combining active and passive learning elements
• Retaining higher levels of information due to gamification
• Driving a positive competition environment & team building 

Why an organization should use Multiplayer Team Training for its Employees?

Increasingly online e-learning platforms are trending to be less effective than before. The need for constant learning and improvement in order to meet the dynamics of the contemporary economy is rising, at the same time, learners are becoming less passionate and motivated about training. Online videos and self-tests are no longer keeping people fully engaged. 

Team-building-based educational environments are proven to be more productive, fun, and better at creating positive outcomes.    

If your testing & training methods are becoming stale, or no longer landing key learnings – you are welcome to try our AR-enabled Multiplayer Team Training platform. We guarantee your content will soon recover its potency and bring you the desired results.

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Available Solutions

Order your Multiplayer Team Training Solution now! With our in-built games or we can develop a custom game to fit your training needs.

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