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Virtual Training With Games

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Business Gamification & Training Games For Employees To Improve Learning & Team Building

A new dimension of virtual training with your own content:

New Format

Provide variety for your training content.

Excite & Attract New Learners

Attract people who don’t find the motivation to self-learn.

better value for moneyBetter Value For Money

Obtain better budget spending with higher efficiency.

Scale Up

Scale up your potential, expand with a new style of training.

The Benefits Of The Game-based Virtual Training?

Are you a training professional that is looking for a bit more excitement in the corporate training?

Do you feel stuck because your team doesn’t want to participate in different assessments and awareness campaigns?

Are you struggling with how to measure your team knowledge without stress?

There are many ways we can test individual learners, but how much time to organize the loop of testing, additional learning, then new testing again?

Testing in a team setting saves time, effort, and can provide excitement rather than boredom. How can we achieve that?

The answer is simple – try our Multiplayer Games, part of the Multiplayer Team Training. 12+ games, each with a different learning goal. We have a game for every learner, and we have learning material for every gamer!

The group and individual performance are measured all the time. We have competitive and collaborative game logic.

Pixelhunters team that stands behind the development of the platform will guide you through the process, setup your content and help with creation of assets.

Fun Learning is Serious Business.


Reasons You’ll Love Using Our Games

increase trafficAmplify

Increase profit, engagement, and employees’ motivation.

multiplayer experienceMultiplayer Experience

Provide Team-building, Competition & Tones of Excitement.

10+gamesDifferent Learning with Each Game

10+ games and raising. Every game having a different goal.

How Can You Use Our Games?

team building partners

Click to browse our existing library of ready content for Team Building. We can develop more for you or you can provide us your material.

empower your virtual events

Select one or all games package for your virtual event and let us plug your content into it/them. Measure knowledge on a topic with a fun play and give obtain valuable data.

Let us plug your training material into one or multiple games. Measured outcome. New Content Every Month. Can be integrated into your LMS.

If you are looking for an interesting topic for your employees knowledge increase, we have a number of hot themes – Crypto 101, Cybersecurity Awareness, Multicultural Diversity, etc.

Ready to use Our Games For Your Virtual Training Programs?

Contact us to start working together.

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