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Your Best Virtual Classroom Multiplayer Exercising Tool

  • Ideal For Distance Learning.
  • Great Quizmaker To Assess In A Fun Way.
  • The Whole Class Plays Together.

Distance Learning – Available for iOS®, Android® & Webgl®.

Real Classroom – Available for Android®

Educational games are not new as a concept for online learning. With the Covid 19 situation & the increased demand for classroom fun activities and distance education, new online teaching platforms that can secure class games for group learning, combined with formative assessment are now important. For every teacher who is looking for collaborative learning, creative competitions, based on quiz games, our Multiplayer Team Training is the best for you!
While many online game quizzes are available, you can’t excite students for long with just quizzes.
Our learning strategy lies in different principles. We provide pure multiplayer games that allow kids to follow game goals, rules, and win, while knowledge is the only secure way of success. They can communicate in-game, compete, or collaborate to achieve the game mission.

The Process Made Easy

Selection of Games

You can select any or all of our games with ready

content or give us yours to plug into the exciting multiplayer experiences.

Play online game quizzes with your class or just monitor their performance online.

Write Your Content

Give us your quiz content in any format you have

 and we will input it into the system.

It’s not just short quizzes we are looking for. Our games are best to practice whole curriculums.

You write your quiz material once, but you can use it for the entire year.

Distribute the Licenses

Obtain the license key from us and distribute

it to your students.

Individual, team performance, and progress data is available online for you to assess the knowledge. Easy to identify strengths and gaps in the learning.

For Schools-Virtual Classroom Games for Exercising & Assessment

Distance Learning

Controlled by the students

Real Classroom

Controlled by the teacher, no need for internet

Benefits for Schools

How does it work?

Why Selecting Our Multiplayer Virtual Classroom?


A virtual classroom with your students only.


Access to team performance reports, individual reports, and progress learning reports.


Fun & modern game-based tool for exercising in class and at home

Distance Learning

Multiplayer Team Training in the format for Distance Learning is composed of individual games that can be purchased stand-alone or in packs of games. They are available for different devices and OS.

You can play with anyone, at any location. Competition within a team and between different teams is possible.

You can purchase a ready program/content or you can select from different customization options.

The new look of the homework!

Make the homework for practicing the learned material fun.

They play, they learn, teachers relax.

Available Games for Distance Learning

Real Classroom / Event Setup

We have the Multiplayer Team Training Platform for usage in a Real Classroom / Event Set-up, without the need of having internet connection.

The solution is very suitable for schools classrooms, or school events. The Platform runs in a special mode, where the teachers are leading the gaming experience.

We can also provide the full event set-up, inclusive of tablets, promoter, and stand-building.

Available Games in the Real Classroom Package

Team Quest – Synchronous Quiz with Bonus Games

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Card Heist – Cardboard Game with Pairs of Multiplayers

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AR Run – AR Hunting Competition with a Bonus Game

AR Run is an augmented reality based game, part of the Multiplayer Team Training.

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