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Team Building With A Cause – For Your Team & Family

EcoTour Consulting Ltd team building partner


Phone: +395 885 702 497

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EcoTour Consulting Ltd is a company based in Bulgaria, specializing in Team Building activities with a CAUSE.

The variety of causes is impressive – Bulgarian Villages, Biodiversity, Bulgarian Heritage, Healthy Living, Eco-Tourism, Helping Elders, and many others.

EcoTour Consulting is an official partner of the Multiplayer Team Training Platform by Pixelhunters. We are working together towards a common cause – EMPATHY, CREATIVITY & EFFICIENCY.

EcoTour Consulting will bring you to the world of our multiplayer games to help you not only having fun with your team but will leave you something to remember.

In these difficult times, the teamwork and time to play with the family are something we need to strengthen. Fulfill the upcoming holidays with joy, virtual connections & unforgettable experiences.

You can select from our ready team building programs, or you can request for your personalized adventure.

EcoTour Consulting Ltd has the rights to resell all our content. Link to shop:


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