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RFID show mode

Details about the application

The RFID Show Mode is a unique concept of Pixelhunters, with a ready content prepared for our Cyber-mons Cybersecurity Awareness Program. This application is coming as a BONUS if the Cyber-mons Real Classroom module is ordered.

The RFID Show application can be purchased and used separately at any event, but video content should be available or developed upon request.

A fun, attractive, and memorable experience.

Suitable for kids and adults.

We will give a different vision of your content.

Type of game

Type of Platform
UI options
Special Features

Download Section

(The applications will be sent to you by us or the reseller for your area with the Cyber-mons Cybersecurity Awareness Program)

If you require this application for your topic of interest, video content needs to be provided or developed.

Players’ App

RFID Show Mode App is coming in a bundle product with  AR Run, Card Heist & Team Quest Cyber-mons Cybersecurity Awareness Program.

Only Android version available.

Server App

A server application is controlling and leading the whole experience of 3 games + RFID Show.

It can run without internet.


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